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What does the "Open Access" filter do on Mercer's Discovery search?

I clicked on the "Open Access" filter and I don't understand how it changed my search.

When using Mercer University Libraries' Discovery search, there is a filter on the left-hand sidebar called "Open Access."

"Open Access" has a lot of different varieties and definitions, but it typically refers to scholarship and resources that are available online for free. Mercer's Discovery search incorporates Open Access resources into our search to provide a broader range of scholarship to choose from.

Open Access resources can include books, peer-reviewed articles, other periodicals, and even websites. Clicking on the "Open Access" filter will show you research that is currently available online for free, but it will exclude any research that Mercer University pays to access.

Open Access items are labeled with the following open-lock symbol:

While Open Access texts are free resources, clicking under "Available Online" in our Discovery search will take you directly to them.

If you have any questions about Open Access, please Ask a Librarian for help.

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